Multi-functional API gateway
for e-commerce

Transform GraphQL, REST, or RPC endpoints into high-performance edge APIs with Edgematic.


    • Achieve 10x Speed

      Sub-50ms Global API Latency

      Ensure rapid API responses under 50ms globally, irrespective of client location.

    • Zero Downtime

      Serverless Edge Architecture

      Never go offline with our always-on serverless edge layer powered by Cloudflare.

    • Smart, Adaptive Caching

      Cutting-Edge AI

      Utilize our advanced AI models that continuously adapt caching strategies based on evolving, historical data patterns.

    • Uninterrupted Orders

      Fault-Tolerant Scalability

      Ensure 24/7 e-commerce order acceptance and storage, even during infrastructure outages.

    • Optimized for GraphQL

      Seamless Integration

      Integrate with our out-of-the-box solution tailored for GraphQL.

    • Cut Costs by 10x

      Minimize Backend Processing

      Drastically lower infrastructure expenses by eliminating redundant database hits or upstream API calls.


    Flexible pricing for companies of any size


    $7 / 1M requests

    Free while in beta.

    • 310 locations
    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited environments
    • Email support



    Our CloudEdgematic Enterprise Cloud: This is the cloud-based version of Edgematic Enterprise. It is hosted on Edgematic's servers, and it offers all the features of Edgematic Enterprise Server. Pricing depends on the number of requests (usage-based). or Self-managed on your premisesEdgematic Enterprise Server: This is the self-hosted version of Edgematic Enterprise. It is installed on your infrastructure (on-premises) and offers all the features of the cloud-based version of Edgematic.

    • 310 locations
    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited environments
    • Dedicated enterprise support
    • Complete control in self-managed setup
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    Elevate your online store with Edgematic lightning-fast API responses, ensuring a smooth, lag-free shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.


    Ensure secure, swift, and seamless transaction processing with Edgematic. Our edge caching technology minimizes latency, enhancing reliability and building trust in your payment systems.


    With Edgematic, handle high-volume booking requests effortlessly. Our solution ensures rapid data retrieval and processing, leading to an efficient and user-friendly booking experience.

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    Frequently asked questions

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you shortly.

    • How does it work?

      Edgematic is a cloud-based cache located at the edge powered by Cloudflare global network. It sits between your clients and your API, intercepts the requests and allows your customers to perceive a 10x-100x performance improvement.

    • Does it work with any API?

      Yes, Edgematic's goal is to allow for seamless integration with any API. Currently our main focus is GraphQL.

    • Does Edgematic cache mutations?

      The game-changing feature of Edgematic is that it caches queries as well as mutations (writes). Thanks to this, your customers will still be able to proceed with purchases even if your API is temporarily down.

    • How hard is it to integrate?

      Edgematic is a drop-in solution. It takes less than 5 minutes to integrate and requires no code changes.

    • How much does it cost?

      Edgematic is free during closed beta. Stay tuned for our open launch when we'll introduce usage-based pricing.

    Supercharge Your API, Slash Costs at the Edge!

    Experience the next level of API efficiency with Edgematic. Our edge-based caching technology ensures blazing-fast response times and cost-effective operations, setting a new standard in API performance.